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Services and Prices

My Services

I offer three types of services: content writing, proofreading and editing, and translation. You will find more details about individual types of services (technical copy, line editing, etc.) below. Please note that the rates as listed apply to projects up to 5000 words, include one free revision and assume a standard 7-day delivery time horizon (starting when the contract is signed). If your project falls outside these parameters, I will send you an individualized quote. I will always confirm pricing and delivery timeline before starting work. Please note that all rates and prices are listed in CAD.

Saviez-vous que tous mes services sont aussi offerts en français? Il suffit de remplir ce formulaire et de choisir l'option «français» pour la lange du project. 

What to expect

You've found a service that matches your project and fits your budget, and you think my style is right for you. Great! What next? First, head over here to get in touch and tell me about your project. I'll get back to you within 1-2 business days to confirm whether I am able to accept your project. If so, I will either attach a final quote and contract for you to approve and sign or let you know what additional information I need to do so. Once I receive the signed contract and the upfront portion of the payment (if applicable), I will issue you a receipt for the initial payment and begin work on your project. Check out my example contract (below) or contact me directly for more information. I look forward to working with you!

Content Writing

Standard Copy

$40/1000 words (¢4/word)

Standard copy involves little to no independent research. Blog posts, website content, emails, simple product and service descriptions, and letters are all examples of standard copy. Please provide me with any relevant background that exceeds common knowledge in a short summary (<2 pages). Projects that require a more in-depth understanding of a technical or niche topic are not considered standard copy.

Complex Copy

$60/1000 words (¢6/word)

$20/hour for independent research

Complex copy requires significant background reading and/or independent research. Product descriptions, executive summaries, basic grant applications, and science communication intended for a scientifically literate audience are all examples of complex copy. The amount of research required will vary significantly between projects, depending on my baseline familiarity with the subject matter, the length and specificity of the work and the amount of information you can provide. I include reviewing up to 10 pages of summarized information (provided by the client) in the per-word fees. Any additional research is billed hourly. Before accepting complex copy orders, I always discuss the project's scope with clients and provide an estimate of the final price (including minimum and maximum expected research time). 

Technical Copy

If your project exceeds the scope of complex copy, please get in touch with me directly for a quote. Some examples of technical copy include complex grant applications and internal documentation. 

Fiction/Ghost Writing

Please reach out to me directly for this service. In general, per-word prices and hourly rates for research will track with non-fiction work, but I evaluate all fiction projects on a case-by-case basis. 

Proofreading & Editing


$20/1000 words (¢2/word)

This service is intended as a last step before publication. I will review your work for spelling, typos, punctuation and minor grammatical issues. I can also make minor formatting and layout edits. Generally, I will not address style, flow or readability.

Copy Edits

$30/1000 words (¢3/word)

This service is intended to clean up your writing. Grammar, spelling, syntax, wordiness, flow, tone, and readability are the core aspects of the copy edit. Think of copy edits as the red pen marks on your high school essays. 

Line Edits

$40/1000 words (¢4/word)

This service focuses on the building blocks of your writing. Paragraph structure, overall flow and pace, and text effectiveness all fall under line edits. 


If you're looking for more extensive edits, such as developmental edits, or your needs don't match any of the services I have listed, please get in touch with me directly. If I am able to provide the service you are looking for, I will provide you with a project-specific quote. 


* Please note that I am not able to provide certified translations at this time. 

English --> French (Standard)

$30/1000 words (¢3/word)

Standard translation includes simple texts such as website copy, email lists, blog posts and news articles. Please note that I only do translations into international or Québécois (Canada) French at this time. 

Français --> Anglais (Standard)

$30/1000 mots (¢3/mot)

Ce service inclut les textes simples, c'est-à-dire tout texte ne requérant aucunes connaissances techniques tels que le contenu d'un site web non-technique, les listes de diffusion, les articles de journal et les articles de blog. 

English --> French (Technical)

If your translation project requires significant technical vocabulary or domain knowledge, please reach out to me directly for a project-specific quote. 

Français --> Anglais (Sujets Techniques)

Si votre projet requiert des connaissances particulières dans un domaine technique ou contient un volume important de vocabulaire technique, veuillez SVP me contcter directement. Il me fera plaisir de vous faire parvenir un devis en fonction de l'envergure de votre projet.